Saturday, April 15, 2017

Citizen's Responsibility

Human beings have a right to share in the benefits offered by natural resources.

We have a right to share in defining limits to how rapidly we use up resources or put pollution.

These rights can only be manifest in reality if we create an effective system of governance that has its explicit aim to manifest these rights.

Someday, humans may assert their right to share in deciding limits to environmental impacts by responding to surveys that inquire about what the limits should be regarding specific kinds of impacts. Until that time, we must explicitly assert that we have this right and we must assert that government should function so as to manifest in reality the basic principle.

Similarly for our right to share in the benefits... We will someday assert this right by accepting a natural wealth stipend and spending the money. When the government institutions do not yet exist to collect the fees and disburse the proceeds, the role of the citizen is to SAY that this must be a function of government. (Governments will not spontaneously start manifesting that principle without citizen input.)

Basic moral precepts will only be manifest in reality when people SAY that they should be.

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Systemic flaws are not reported

A sustainable and just civilization requires that we use our moral sense

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